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What's going on? [25 Sep 2013|11:53am]
I'm coming out of a tail end of a cold. Which is good, because I'm a huge suck and can hardly tolerate being sick at all. If my nose is remotely stuffy shit gets real, fast. I sleep with CPAP and if I can't breathe, I can't sleep. It's all in my chest now and seems to be breaking up, which is good, like I said. On another health related note I'm waiting for another abscess surgery. The one I had in June didn't get everything and it's back. My original wound, which was 7cm deep has now closed and my abscess thought it would be cool to open up shop in a new location, so I have a new wound. I see my surgeon again October 21 and I hope he'll get this over and done with. I said I didn't want general anesthesia this time because the anesthetist made such a mess last time, cutting my lips, mouth, tongue and throat. I woke up from surgery and started vomiting blood. My neck and jaw were bruised. I think they let the resident have a few messy goes at me first.

On a lighter note I'm picking Nate up from school at 12:15 and we're meeting Libby for Vietnamese lunch. I think I might have Pho. I'm not sure. I haven't gone out for lunch with Libbs for quite some time, and I'm looking forward to it.

Last night Jon and I took Chloe to try on skates for roller derby. She's a mens 7. She tried on a pair of purple Riedell's. They matched her hair. I have to set up a date with Leah to go out to Kitchener with Chloe and buy her kit. When I have some extra money I'm getting a pair for me so I can train with her.

Next month is Jon's 40th birthday! I think we're going to do a dinner night at Papagayo's. He's been craving a good Mexican dinner. Though I made some pretty awesome chipotle pulled pork tacos last night.

I guess that's all for the moment. I can't promise this will be regular, because every time I do I don't bother. But I do need to get back to my daily writing again, and I find typing much easier than writing in my book.

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Bob Ross Fans... [28 Jul 2012|07:16pm]
This made my evening:


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[27 Jul 2012|02:25pm]

Just about to go in for an hour massage. My shoulders love me for it!

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Laters, baby. [25 Jul 2012|08:55pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

It's been a busy day, I've loved it. This afternoon I got down to a project I've been wanting to do for awhile, painting the ornate, wooden bird cage. I'm doing it a pale aqua. Not sure if I want any accent colours at this point. I have two tiers done so far, I expect I'll bang out the bottom one sometime tomorrow. I met Jon after work and since he has class at McMaster tonight we went to Shehnai for Indian food. It was all very delicious and I was really full after. I dropped Jon off back at Mac and headed home, texted Libby, and she came and picked me up. We went to Starbucks and had a good jaw wag. Our best conversations always come at the end of the day when she's dropping me off, or I'm dropping her off, and we're just hanging out in the car (AKA "the apartment".)

Now I'm home again, contemplating downloading the pintrest app, because Libbs says I HAVE to.

How was your day?

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50 Shades [25 Jul 2012|01:39pm]
You may have regretted reading the book, but I promise, you won't regret reading this review. Best!


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Last night... [25 Jul 2012|10:44am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Someone called at 3:40am, waking my ass up. I was hoping that it was my brother calling to let me know that Chloe and my parents arrived safely. I had left him a message saying I didn't care how late he called. All the call was was a series of beeps.

Jon got up, because I was wandering the house after that, he checked Chloe's tumbler and saw a post that she had arrived in Portland and was playing Minecraft with her cousin, Noah. Whew. I went back to bed, fully planning on sleeping in this morning. I mean sleeping iiiiin. But no. I woke up at 8 and that was that. It's 10:42 and I've already done a bunch of my jobs on my to-do list today, including taking the dogs to go visit Angie and have coffee with her. We talked about home reno, dogs and health issues. As per usual, it was fun and she is awesome.

Okay, today, what else do you have in store for me?

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[24 Jul 2012|07:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Chloe left for Portland, OR this morning. Gone to visit my brother and his family for 12 days. Lucky kid, visiting London, England and Portland all in a short span of time.

I cooked too much dinner tonight, but Jon won't mind having a chicken caesar wrap for work tomorrow. Me? Tomorrow? Day off. Lovely.

Now that Chloe's out of the house I can actually use my computer, rather than my iphone all the time. She's getting her own laptop soon, and her own desk in the office. Should be good to get back to working on photos and dickering around online.

Maybe I'll go for a swim tomorrow.

Is it nap-time yet?

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What's up? [18 Mar 2011|05:53pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

These past two years have limped by slowly. I'm starting to see an end in sight. I'll be meeting with a vocational rehabilitation specialist soon and figuring out what my new job is going to be. It's one part exciting and one part intimidating. To think that after almost 13 years in Neonatal Intensive Care I'm going to head in a new and different direction is interesting and daunting all at once.

I still miss Banjo, I think about him daily. Jon got me a nice big photo-frame and it's filled with photos of him, plus a bunch of the family, too.

I haven't really spent any time with any of my friends or my brother, Lee. I guess I've been in hiding. Sorting myself out. I feel that I've been enough of a recluse and want to see people again.

I volunteer at a nursing home 4 hours every Thursday. It's going well, I enjoy the residents.

Chloe is amazing. She'll be 13 this year. She's always busy drawing and making videos. One of her youtube accounts is baloneysubmarine. Not sure what her other one is. She cracks me up and is really enjoyable to be around.

Jon. What can I say about Jon. Love. His acceptance and understanding overwhelms me. I am one lucky lady.

Cheers, folks!

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Oh, Jonny! [20 Sep 2010|09:49am]

Originally uploaded by enfuego
He's got it!

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[24 Jun 2010|06:39am]

Originally uploaded by enfuego
swim swim

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[20 Jun 2010|08:53pm]
Jon, Chloe, Nate, Ryan and I went to Toronto last night to see Iggy & the Stooges.

Good times.

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Hiiii-yah! [11 Jun 2010|09:59am]

Originally uploaded by enfuego
This soy sauce kicks ass. Literally.

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Hot Doug's & Cable Cars [09 Jun 2010|12:02pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I went swimming this morning and it was good. I love getting up early and swimming; I never thought I'd feel that way about getting up early for anything, but I do.

The back solarium got jacked up last weekend by Jon and my dad so it's all level again. They laid new sub flooring and then put down laminate flooring. I really wanted my dad to hold off on laying the laminate until I could caulk all the leaks on the curved windows, but he didn't want to listen and just wanted the job done. When I woke up at 6 it was pouring and I had to put down 6 drip pans, all the while cursing these leaky windows and the fact that the caulking didn't close all of the leaks. Now I'm going to have to strip off the caulking that we did and redo it all. Frustrating. I want to get the big desk moved into the solarium and get back my painting space. Right now it's all in a mess and when I go in there all I do is drink coffee and stand there staring at the mess. I can't do step B until step A is solved (which was what I was trying to impress upon my father.)

I was hoping to go for a bike ride today but I'm not interested in biking in the rain.

Jon and I are trying to figure out whether we should go to Chicago in September, or San Francisco.

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Things and stuff... [07 Jun 2010|04:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Things have been going along quite well. My meds are finally balanced properly and I feel more like myself again. I miss Banjo every day, and dogs better be allowed in heaven because if not there is going to be hell to pay when I get there. Who am I kidding? I am totally going to hell. Haha.

I don't really even believe in the concept of heaven and hell, actually, but I'm not getting into it. I just want to see my dog again. It sucks that he's gone.

I'm still swimming 4 days a week and have gotten back to being able to swim at length without stopping. My mom is still swimming with me, too.

Chloe and Jon are awesome. Jon's extra awesome because he's slow cooking ribs on the BBQ for dinner. Monty is great, I'm working on teaching him Banjo's *wink* trick. I think Monty is a little duller than Banjo was. A little slow to pick things up. Oh well, he's still adorable, but his farts are caustic.

My dad just left a bit ago, he and Jon jacked the solarium back up and levelled it, put new sub-flooring down and then lay a new laminate floor.

I was in a car accident in January. Not my fault. I was rear-ended at a high speed on the highway. After all these years with problems with my right shoulder I now have problems with my left shoulder, too. It's hard to do things with two bum arms.

What next?


[07 Jun 2010|02:01pm]

Originally uploaded by enfuego
my fish is coloured now. I haven't taken a photo of myself in a long time now.


RIP [07 Jun 2010|01:55pm]

Originally uploaded by enfuego
Banana-Joe Banjo with his bum-leg.

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[27 Nov 2009|08:52pm]
Chloe's birthday. Went to the Science Centre. N stuff. I am exhausted

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so i wait [24 Nov 2009|07:17am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I realize that I have a lot of anger. I tend to direct it inwards and I don't cope with it very well. I'm learning, or trying to. Thursday can't come fast enough.

tick............................tock...............................g o e s t h e c l o c k ...

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[19 Nov 2009|06:31am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It's been several weeks since I've smoked anything. So I guess I've officially quit. I don't know that I crave for the nicotine anymore, but more the habit of doing something with my hands and mouth. I realize when I make a comment like that I'm opening myself to all sorts of lewd comments, but whatever. I don't deny my oral fixation. Freud would have a field day with me.

Just 45 minutes to blow and then I get to go swimming. My mom has been coming with me since one of her doctors told her that she needs to strengthen her back.

I guess I'll pack my towel and stuff. My mind isn't working at any sort of pace that I can blog all sorts of interesting and fascinating things right now. Maybe I'll regain my humour again. Hopefully sooner than later.

I miss watching TV. (I almost blogged I miss watching TB. Whoops!!)

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Anger & Coffee [17 Nov 2009|06:46pm]
What the hell is happening in my life? What is happening to it? Am I some sort of social experiment? Do you want to stand back and watch how many times I fuck up? What bad decisions I make. How I look at my daughter and cry because I'm not the same mom she knows. I've officially lost it. This itty bitty keyboard does not help. I'm wireless so I might as well be comfortable. I'll check for errors later. Or should I? Who's even watching; and more importantly why?

I am a human being and I have certain rights, I honestly feel that some sort of ethical human-rights law is being broken where as I am concerned. Instead they increase my anti-psychotics. I nod, grin, suck them back and think, "fuck you." I know what's real.

I realize that I haven't developed into this perfect soul that everyone might want to interact with, but I am what I am. I feel like everyone just wants to change me.

This whole evening has been so unreal.

Later I'll go back to pretending that I don't notice the things that I do. Try to be one of the "Normals".

News for you: I will never be one of the "normals"

Welcome to lielielies. Tell me about your anger & joy.

I'm bi-polalar--and a fucking mess.

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